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Create a PA For Your Business $350
  • Includes Articles of Incorporation
  • Includes FEIN
  • Includes S-Corp Classification Letter
  • Register Your PA With the DBPR
  • Ready in 5-7 Days


More Info
  • Create a PA for Your Business
  • If you are working and collecting money under your individual name, it’s a good idea to incorporate a company for numerous reasons. In most cases, we can suggest you create a Professional Association (or “PA”) to operate your business. This means that your clients will pay your company instead of you. Below we’ll show you some excellent reasons why you should be incorporating a PA.
  • Separation of Liability
  • More Professional Presence
  • Savings in Tax
  • Great for Real Estate Agents
  • Great for anybody that earns 1099 Income
  • Savings in Self Employment Tax
  • If you earn money to your individual name, you will be subject to INCOME Tax and SELF-EMPLOYMENT Tax on your entire income. If you choose to create a PA, you will not owe self-employment tax on the entire income. Self-Employment tax is 15%. That’s a lot of additional tax.
  • Huge Savings
  • More Profit
  • Less Liability
  • Get Started Now…