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  • It is very important to know first the type of business you are going to run
  • For the majority of small businesses, the relative simplicity and flexibility of the LLC make it the better choice. This is especially true if your business will hold property (such as real estate) that’s likely to increase in value. That’s because regular Corporations (sometimes called C corporations) and their shareholders are subject to a double tax (both the corporation and the shareholders are taxed) on the increased value of the property when the property is sold or the corporation is liquidated. By contrast, LLC member-owners avoid this double taxation because the business’s tax liabilities are passed through to them; the LLC itself does not pay a tax on its income.
  • But an LLC isn’t always the best choice. Occasionally, other factors may tip the balance toward a Corporation:
  • You expect to have multiple investors in your business or to raise money from the public
  • You’d like to provide extensive fringe benefits to owner-employees
  • You want to entice or keep key employees by offering stock options and stock bonus incentives.