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Related Services to you include:

  • ITIN Applications

    Streamline the ITIN application process for your convenience.

  • Remittances

    Simplify the complexities of remittances to ensure compliance.

  • Withholding Certification

    Give expert guidance to navigate the nuances of withholding certification.

  • Hard Case Resolution

    Resolve challenging FIRPTA cases with precision and care.

Guidance Every Step of the Way

Throughout our service provision, CONTADOR MIAMI is committed to guiding you. We take the time to explain the complexities, ensuring you understand the process. Our goal is to lead you to that priceless moment when the results of our collective efforts overcome any FIRPTA-related challenges you might have been facing.

Who We Serve

So, if you are a private resident, foreign national, realtor, real estate attorney or an organization in the real estate industry with a FIRPTA-related challenge or problem you need to solve, our dedicated team is more than available!

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